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Hand painted picture depicting the former factory  "Richard Ginori" by  Laveno-Mombello (VA). I immortalized the last moments of its existence before it was demolished.


Data sheet


Title:  "Nuances"

Author:  Pietro Trivelli

City shown :  Milan

Technique :  Acrylic on canvas

Canvas size : 60x80  cm

Performed at :  Decoration and restoration workshop 'Decoreria' in Via Casoretto, 39 - Milan

Style : Modern classic, industrial archeology

Main colors : Dove gray, black, beige, white, blue


  • Dining room, medical office, architecture office, relaxation room, lounge and living room, bedroom,  law firm, restaurant, lounge bar, hotel, kitchen, office, library, study room

  • The paintings made by the artist Pietro Trivelli,  they are the result of a personal visual reworking  of photos taken on site by himself

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